Earybird Competiton

pay early for a chance to winIt can be, however, be a nervous wait for Alfesta organisers who make huge commitments regarding future bookings at various venues and anxiously await cashflow. It also often takes attendees by surprise when they get close to the final payment deadline only to realise they have paid a minimum deposit and need to pay a significant balance!

So, to help us and help you, Alfesta attendees who make a major payment up-front get the chance to win back some - and potentially all - of their Alfesta booking money!

How does it work? Simple.

If you have paid the total amount due for your Alfesta Activity Package Booking (that's excluding any payment you may owe to the hotel for your accommodation) by 30 November 2021 you will go into a draw to win $450!

Any catches? Well, obviously, if you cancel your booking before Alfesta in April 2022, you are no longer eligible for the prize. Also, your payment has to be in the Alfesta bank account by 30 November 2021, so make allowances for bank clearance times for your payment of choice.